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Pamela Stephenson was born in Auckland on December 04, ’49. She attended both the University of New South Wales and the (Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art. She appeared in the 1984-85 season on the popular American comedy show, Saturday Night Live. After divorcing her first husband, Nicholas Ball, she remarried and had three daughters with her second husband, Billy Connolly. Amy Pietz is currently single. She planned on becoming a professional ballerina but changed life directions when she realized the income would not be high enough. She married Kenneth Alan Williams in 1997 in her hometown. Movie Actress Katie Jarvis was born in England on June 22, making her sign Cancer. She was spotted by a casting agent at a railway station in Essex which led to her being cast in the film Fish Tank. She had a daughter, Lily in 2009. She used The Ellen DeGeneres Show and YouTube to release her Platinum-selling single, “Brokenhearted. She earned more than seventy-five million YouTube views for her cover of Chris Brown’s song “Look At Me Now.”.

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